Brock Daves, B.1986, is a Los Angeles based photographer originally from Atlanta Georgia. His images are meticulously gathered on trips across the country, specifically to places that have a mythos  or  known  metaphysical  power.  Through  the  use  of  digital  photography,  his  work chooses to examine the way in which we communicate through technology and he utilizes the camera  to  communicate  his  own  questions  and  seeking  out  of ancient  knowledge.  Brock captures the essence of a location and the way it presents itself to him in the moment, which is the opportunity to allow magic to unfold. Often, his work has a painted sensibility with the light and palette holding as much power as the subject itself. His images offer a unique perspective on  modern  nature  photography  that  initiates  the  conversation  about  our  ever-shifting relationship to nature and ultimately our selves. Brock's work has been featured in many online publications including the Huffington Post and displayed in galleries nationally.